Saturday, February 4, 2017

Confusion of Mohandas!!!

Mohandas is in a relaxed mood now-a-days. Ever since Narendra became supremo, he was having sleepless nights thinking of earlier heard stories of links between Riots and Narendra. Later he realised, though he (Mohandas) may not be very popular among the youth, his some approaches, like questioning the authority without having fear, standing for communal harmony even in the time of despair, are still present in his countrymen. So disturbing the true Indian spirit will not be very easy even if  tried. Also Narendra may be a changed man now. Mohandas always believes prejudices are worst enemy in the way of rationalism and logical reasoning; he also believes he can have an opinion about these two qualities as his academic qualification (barrister) and professional expertise (while dealing with British) authorise him to have an. Also Nathuram is regularly having lunch with him in Indian Canteen and discussing the ill effect of brainwashing in the name of organised religion. Day before yesterday they suddenly got a third participant, Ajmal, the Karachi boy came only 4-5 years back, also interested to contribute his view on the topic.

Jawahar broke the news in the morning to Mohandas. He is a busy man here and associated with many social groups. But he never forgets talking to Mohandas at least once a day. Mohandas also loves this disciple of  him unconditionally, even the whole world points so many discrepancies in him. The love stored for Harilal, the elder son, which could not be flown to him,  may have been channelised to this gentleman, Mohandas thinks many a times.

The news is like this. Jawahar has seen a spectacle clad person sitting in TV room, completely wrapped in a shwal minutely watching a documentary on World War II. He has even overheard, the spectacled man discussing about the moves of Eisenhower and doing postmortem of startegies of Roosevelt with elan and conviction. Jawahar even suprised to note that the audience is an old woman named  Lakshmi. Jawahar could not even remember where he has heard about or seen this lady.

Jawahar used his social channels efficiently and collected following more informations about this Spectacled mysterious War interested gentleman:

- Nobody is sure when he has come to Divine World Village. Even none is sure about whether he is an Indian at all. He can speak fluent English, German, Pastu (Afghan) and many other world languages.

- Somebody says there are burning scars in his face, some people say he uses shwal to hide the noose mark on his neck. There are people who claims to see him since 1940s, or somebody seen him filling Village Registration Form in 1970s.  

- Sometimes this man is seen in German Library reading books, sometime in one Russian Co-operative Firm listening to Gorky's lecture, sometimes simply watching painting in a Japanese Gallery. But all the time he prefers covering himself top to bottom with a 'Shantipuri' Shwal (Shyamaprasad told Jawahar about its 'Shantipur' origin).

- Its not that this person is very calm and timid all the time. He has once severely beaten a self proclaimed Bengali Godman named "Balok" with his umbrella because the Godman has instructed openly one of his follower in his dream to write something in Railways Platform Wall. What was the writing, that is not clear, probably regarding the return of some Bengali Hero, as heard by Jawahar.

- He has also undressed and paraded one Bengali and one Marathi gentlemen naked in village field, who were fighting with each other regarding who was a more great warrior, Shivaji or Netaji? At the end, he even advised both not to bask about past glories and to build their own identities if possible.

After a long discussion between Mohandas and Jawahar, where Ballav was also present, they could come into only one conclusion regarding the possible identity of this gentleman. THIS IS DEFINITELY BOSE. But nobody could not gather the courage  to ask him directly, keeping in view the violent behaviour the gentleman has shown in recent past as already mentioned above. Also all three are having guilt complex, for not co-operating Bose at the time of need. But this can't be left open ended. Again after another round of engrossed discussion, as always, two clever men Jawahar and Ballav passed the buck to Mohandas for action. Mohandas assured the two he  will do something. 

Mohandas observed for few days that this mysterious person always pays a visit to War Museum on every Sunday morning. Though Mohandas never visited that place out of personal unlikeness, he has decided to pay a visit on next Sunday, in place of his regular visit to Divine-Khadi Brand Factory. 

On Sunday, Mohandas saw the Shwal-Clad-Man (hereinafter SCM) sitting in a sofa, reading some books on Guerilla Warfare. He gently seated beside the person and cleared his throat. SCM saw Mohandas at a quick glance and again engrossed in the reading. Mohandas took a magazine from table with comparatively less gaudy coverpage and written on it:

" Hi!!! BOSE?". And kept the magazine on table in front of the SCM. And then again he clears the throat.

SCM has shifted his glance, most probably read the lines on magazine cover, but again started reading the book without any further discussion.

"If you are BOSE, then I am sorry". Mohandas kept on writing and placing the magazine in front of SCM. Expecting a reaction or response.

"Even Jawahar and Ballav are also repentant. After mortal life, you should not have any grievance".

"We can be friends".

No response. Irritated Mohandas kept on writing:

"We can compensate. We know how to spread an idea among the people of earth from this Divine Village. We can restore your image".

SCM smirked? His covered face is so irritating. But Mohandas is sure this SCM is reading all the lines, so he kept on writing:

"We can even arrange for the highest Indian civilian honour for you. You know? "Bharata Ratna". You know it is the highest honour. Padmashree, Padmabhushan, Padmabibhushan and then this, "Bharata Ratna"!!!"

"I know in coming year no current Padmabibhushans have not done anything great to be elevated into a Bharata Ratna. I can easily lobby for you. I know the means."

"I know there are none eligible, trust me, do you know any???"

SCM suddenly shown some movement. Mohandas got alerted. SCM stood up, kept the War Book on the rack. Collected his handbag. Taken the Magazine on which Mohandas was scribbling from table. Mohandas got excited. SCM took out a pen from his pocket and even wrote something on the same magazine cover, kept the same on table and have a quick exit from War Museam. Mohandas was dumbfounded. Recovering himself he collected the magazine, and read the lines below his last line which can be read as "I know there are noone eligible, trust me, do you know any???".

It has been written underlined:
1. Sharad Pawar
2. Murli Manohar Joshi!!!

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